What is VIPKID

Since starting with VIPKID in December of 2018, I have been asked, “What is VIPKID?” and “What is this VIPKID thing you are doing?”

Let’s get right down to it then! So…What is VIPKID?

VIPKID was started by founder Cindy Mi out of Beijing, China with a mission to connect native English speakers (with eligibility to work in the United States and/or Canada) with students in China for live English language learning in a one on one setting online.

Cindy Mi was once a high school dropout who was inspired by her own experiences to create an educational opportunity for her community where learning can happen on an individual basis. She also believes VIPKID will help bring together two cultures and will continue to grow VIPKID jobs by expanding it to other countries.

Currently, VIPKID has over 60,000 teachers on its list of educated instructors and continues to add to that list daily.

Many worry this will cause there to be little to no bookings for teachers who are hired with the company, but this simply is not true.

I have seen an increase in bookings even after six months with the company and it continues to grow monthly!

It is also said that VIPKID is host to 500,000 students and that number continues to grow due to the population of youth reaching around 300 million. I’m pretty sure they still need teachers!

The minimum requirements to become a VIPKID teacher are as follows:

vipkid teacher requirements

Interested in applying? You can do so at my referral link here.

When VIPKID teachers are hired, they are given a portal to login into.

Your VIPKID login is the login you created when you applied to VIPKID.

The VIPKID portal is where classes are taught within 25-28 minutes on a “Skype like” program.

The best part is that you are given the lessons prior to class beginning without lesson planning or curriculum organizing required.

Can I get an amen from all my teacher peeps?

VIPKID includes interactive and core curriculum based lessons that cover a massive list of topics with leveling of learning built in to fit the students ability or language learning needs.

When asked what subjects I teach, I often reply, “All of them.” because most lessons cover almost all of the subjects. I’m also certified to teach supplementary courses like grammar, proper pronunciation, TOEFL (test taking skills), plus each lesson has a reading and a language arts lesson built in. Most have math and some have science and social studies.

You cannot say you teach one subject with VIPKID when you teach different levels!

I have been asked if the lessons are hard to teach and I will admit I was worried about this too.

I’ve found most of the lessons are similar to the topics I covered while teaching in the brick and mortar classrooms at Elementary Schools.

No worries y’all! If I can do it-you can do it!

VIPKID bookings are another popular topic I’ve had as a request to cover.

I’ll do my best to help you understand how VIPKID bookings work, but feel free to ask anything I haven’t covered here if this does not make sense to you!

Bookings are setup with a 30 minute breakdown of the day since VIPKID lessons are 28 minutes long. Depending on where you are located, your time slots will be available to be opened by you at various time of the day.

When you “open” your VIPKID bookings, you are saying to parents and VIPKID that you’re available for that time.

Parents can login to the VIPKID portal and see teachers who are available for the times their child is available to learn.

They choose teachers based on the VIPKID teacher’s profile photos, intro video and bio. They can see what classes you have taught, any negative marks you have been given (such as a teacher IT, teacher no show, etc.) and they choose you based on interest.

When a parent books you for a class, your booking slot turns green. Here is an example of what bookings look like in the VIPKID portal (keep in mind this is an exam week for them as I have been told it’s a “slow week” so my schedule is not full here):

vipkid bookings

Ready to apply? You can do so at my referral link here.

VIPKID Teachers are given the opportunity to open up their schedule inside the VIPKID portal based on when they are available. There are no minimum requirements of work hours and no maximum hours set (other than the maximum amount of VIPKID hours a teacher wants to be booked).

VIPKID gives complete control to their teachers and this has been a huge draw to the work at home crowd (myself included).

The flexibility even expands to changing your schedule as you need to and taking time off of work as needed or taking VIPKID with you anywhere you have reliable fast speed internet.

Besides a flexible schedule, control over your schedule and working from home, VIPKID is also a company known to support it’s staff. Some will say this is not true, but my experience has been one of completely positive and fast responses.

I have yet to have a negative experience with them after two full contracts (6 months long each) and never have I ever worked for any company where the support among the coworkers (via Facebook Groups or Support inside the VIPKID portal) was so supportive! Within an hour or 24 hours of posting a question, responses flood in and help arrives without question!

Can you tell I love working for this company?

Ready to apply? You can do so at my referral link here.

This leads me to the most important (or highly revered) part of VIPKID…the VIPKID payment process.

Many prospective teachers have asked me how the VIPKID payment process works.

The payment process is simple in that you provide your bank information to VIPKID and they send you a direct deposit for your money. You can choose to be paid twice a month or once. I chose once a month VIPKID pay plan because I only want to track one payment a month, not two. With a one year old at home, there’s plenty to track as it is!

VIPKID pays it’s independent contractors who choose the monthly VIPKID payment option at the end of every month. Typically, the pay period ends on the last day of the month and within about 10-12 days, teachers begin to see their VIPKID deposit in their bank account. Because you are an independent contractor with VIPKID, taxes are not withheld and you are not provided insurance. That is up to you!

You are given a 1099 at the beginning of each year to show your total earnings with VIPKID as an independent contractor. This should be given to your accountant when you file your taxes!

I’ve been asked how I handle withholding my own taxes and avoiding paying. I cannot say for sure this will keep you from paying anything on your taxes at the end of the filing period because I am not a licensed accountant and this advice is not professional advice only experience based advice meant to be discussed with your own personal accountant.

The accountant I work for (in NC) has advised me to withhold 30% of income earned each pay check. Keep that in savings and have it ready in case I owe at the end of the year. This should cover all with holdings required as an independent contractor, but there is still a chance I may owe. This is just a “safe bet/in case” way of handling taxes.

I will repeat, please consult your own accountant!

You can see my income reports here for a break down of my VIPKID pay and proof of payments!

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: January 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: February 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: March 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: April 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: May 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: June 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: July 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: August 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: September 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: October 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: November 2019

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: December 2019

Ready to apply? You can do so at my referral link here.

Besides the VIPKID payment process, I also get asked, “How much does VIPKID pay?”

VIPKID pays $7-$9 per class. This sounds like so little, until you realize this is for 28 minutes so in an hour that means in one hour you can make $14-$18 without ever leaving your home. You’re saving gas money, clothes in the laundry (unless you’re like me and have to change your shirt to avoid getting stains from a little one on it throughout the day) and you get to go back to bed, have snacks, set your schedule how you want, save mileage on your car, save money on daycare, the list goes on!

On top of that pay, VIPKID pay also can be added on with incentives and bonuses. One incentive is simply start class on time and finish on time=$1 added to your pay rate. Let’s say your VIPKID base pay is $8, you now have $9 per class coming in just for being on time and finishing on time. This means you’re making $18 an hour from home!

If you teach 45 or more classes a month (around about 1-2 classes a day), you can add another $1 to each class you are paid for (after you’ve taught that many it will show up in the pay schedule on the VIPKID portal) and boom…you’re now making $19 an hour from home!

Let’s not stop there! Not only does VIPKID teaching mean flexible schedules and easy teaching or awesome pay, VIPKID also provides bonuses!

That’s right!

I received $30 just for finishing a certificate by a certain date that was required by VIPKID.

Another month I was given extra money for helping someone get hired on VIPKID and helping them teach their first class!

This doesn’t even include the tokens VIPKID hands out in the VIPKID portal for teachers who receive feedback or do various activities in the “Hutong” on the portal. These tokens get to be traded for awesome stuff in the VIPKID store or for gift cards.



You guys…

…I’m pretty sure I’m living my best life!

In case you’re mind boggled right now…the Hutong is basically where VIPKID teachers go to complete activities and ask questions among the teacher community in exchange for tokens. There’s also blog posts and many other fun finds there too and it’s all found on the VIPKID portal.

Back to getting paid money money money!

That said, you could earn at least $14-$22 an hour from home on a schedule you are completely in control of!

The schedule can vary depending on your location. This is because VIPKID teaching is centered around Beijing Time (BJT) and when students are asleep, we are all hustling and bustling through our days.

For example: I am EST (Eastern Standard Time) which means VIPKID hours available to me to work are 8:30p.m.-9:30 a.m. I can start my first class at 8:30 p.m. and teach my last class at 9:30 a.m. and finish by 10 a.m. That’s because Those are the times students are either home for lunch, home after school, home schooled, etc. The rest of the times that are blocked off, students are asleep. I cannot teach them while they are asleep can I?

This changes based on your location and daylight savings time, so you will have to research that or checkout the Facebook Group VIPKID Teacher Q & A ran by VIPKID Teacher Erin. This is my personal favorite group and I highly recommend it to all new or current teachers! The community there is so sweet and resourceful!

Post a question asking what bookings are like for your time zone (or search your time zone in the search bar there-I’m sure someone has asked before) and the ladies and gents will happily answer you!

If all of this sound glorious to you and you’re ready to take the plunge, you can do so by clicking the link below. You’ll be taken to the VIPKID site to begin your application and start your journey!


I hope I’ve covered all questions about VIPKID, told you everything you wanted to know about what is VIPKID, how it works, what the pay is like and helped you make an informed decision toward either applying to VIPKID or deciding it’s not for you.

If you think you’re ready to apply, you can do so at my referral link here. I’ll be happy to help you pass the first two interview, your certifications, setup your profile and teach your first class. I’ll be your phone a friend throughout the process and anytime you have a questions after you’ve gained some experience under your belt, feel free to reach out to me!

All questions, all ideas, and more can be shared in the comments here or feel free to connect with me on Instagram @vipkidteacherlaurenbej.

Much love and prayers for your future endeavors,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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