VIPKID Monthly Income Report: May


Hello all!

Welcome back to my monthly income report installment series.

May was a glorious month.

No more deadlines.

No more madness!

Baby girl turned 1.

Party went off without a hitch!

We went to the beach for a week.

That was nutso!

We came home and hit the ground running with projects we’ve been needing to complete for a while now around the house and for the businesses.

All has been well this month!

With going out of town and Mother’s Day and the mega first birthday we threw, taking time off from VIPKID was inevitable.

Curious about what is this VIPKID thing I’m talking about? Go here to learn more.

Please keep this in mind while you gawk at my not so hot income month at VIPKID!

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on this month. It was decent since I did take so much time off of work and I wasn’t so “VIPKID focused”.

Beyond all that, I am so grateful for the flexibility of this job. Many teachers will tell you that not having a consistent schedule means you lose regulars.

I will agree to an extent.

When I cut back this month to only working 5-8 a.m. EST, it meant that I lost the students I normally taught around 1-2 a.m. and again around 3-4 a.m.

At first that wasn’t a big deal to me because the sleep, being there for my baby so my hubby was able to rest up for his workday and spending time with the company we had was way more important to me.

Looking at it now, I miss those regulars!

There is even one in particular who rarely if ever smiles. She does her work and is a great student. Her mom is very particular about her education and that’s not a bad thing. They both leave me rave reviews and five apples each time. Every time the camera came on, she would wiggle in her chair and you could tell she was containing excitement.

When those moments stopped, I felt down. I was so bummed. She wasn’t the only one I missed either!

That’s why I think this month’s goals are going to shift in a drastic way.

Here’s the drastic goals I plan to set for my next month:

  1. I plan to open my schedule from midnight to 8:00 a.m. I am aware June is when final exams are happening at schools at the end of the month and that means bookings will become less. I’m okay with that as long as I’m booked enough to earn extra income.
  2. To get that “me time” I need to reset each week with all that is happening constantly weekend after weekend in our household, I will use the gaps in my schedule for that time. That might also become my time to clean house and do my workouts or meal planning and website work. We shall see!
  3. I miss making the big bucks. I never thought I would want to make money so bad you guys! I mean yeah…we have debt (two mortgages and medical/rental/business debt), but I’ve never cared what money I made, just as long as I was happy and with my hubby every meal or throughout the day.
  4. I LOVE TEACHING! I never thought I’d say that either! Especially after all of my brick and mortar experiences. I JUST DO. I LOVE THE KIDS. I LOVE THE FUN I HAVE IN THE CLASSROOM. I CAN DO THIS WITHOUT THINKING. I’m so in my element and this job has been bringing me out of my funk lately. THANK YOU VIPKID!
  5. Working nights has taught me so much about me. I think I’m an insomniac or have sleep apnea. I’m getting tested for the latter very soon (waiting on insurance responses for pre-authorizations). Regardless, this is helping me feel less grumpy about my lack of sleep. At least I’m makin’ money right? Hubby snores…go teach or work on my classroom. Baby refuses to sleep, snuggle her and work on Instagram posts! IT WORKS FOR ME YO! Seriously…I love that I finally found a way to make my lack of sleep work for me! It’s versatile enough I can do anything I want to go forward in this side hustle of mine and make no sleep work for me. HECK YEAH!

On that note, expect to see me adding hours to my schedule very soon. I understand this is a slow time of year because of students who are occupied with exams and the exams evidently are a very serious thing. Not that they aren’t in the States, but evidently it’s a mega big decision maker for students in all grades (or specific ones) to decide where they go to school next. HUGE.

That means less bookings until they are over.

I guess I’ll add some more certifications to my list while this goes down and reorganize my classroom. I’m ready for a change of scenery. Stay tuned!

I hope I have inspired you to want to give VIPKID a try! It’s been an awesome experience or me and I cannot believe where it is taking me without much effort!

When you’re ready to apply, you can do that with my referral link here.

Ask me anything here or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

PS-you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with the day to updates of VIPKID, Emma, the pets, my house, life, travels, you name it! Follow me here. I would hate for you to miss out on my amazing, fabulous, and insanely perfect life guys! πŸ˜‰

Much love always,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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