VIPKID Monthly Income Report: March 2019


Working for VIPKID has been like…Oh man.

Like WOAH!

Yes…I’m a 90s kid.


Curious about what is this VIPKID thing I’m talking about? Go here to learn more.

You guys!


I mean, this might be pocket change to some of y’all!


Literally working on average 20-25 hours a week, I’ve managed to rake in this bad boy (1st image is from my VIPKID portal/the 2nd from my bank account to show actual deposit as proof):


Yup…that’s a comma…

THAT IS A FREAKIN $1000+ amount!

I just cannot seem to get out of shock.

I was not expecting this at all guys!

Talk about thrilled and excited and just down right flabbergasted.

I will have to give credit to my amazing first referral who came on board and taught her first class this month. That landed me an extra $100 in the “other incentives” section.

The remainder of the “other incentives” was the 155 (count it-155) classes I taught giving me $1 extra per class for teaching 45 or more classes and $1 extra per class (total of $2 per class) for starting and finishing classes on time.

You can see I added a new certification here-phonics.

I only taught one phonics class this month, so I’m not counting on this certification getting me a whole lot of new bookings. We shall see though!

I still cannot believe I taught 155 classes this month!

Ya girl werked it!

Okay okay…I’ll reflect…


  1. Keep this train moving! Only thing is, I’m looking at cutting back a tad this coming month. I’m feeling it from those overnights and I missed out on the family fun Saturdays and Sundays trying to refill my tank from zombie mode to functioning adult. That doesn’t work when I want to spend time with my family. Not to mention, the hubby will be adding some sound gigs soon and I’ll need to be available for my little girl those evenings.
  2. The changes to my classroom made a mega difference you guys! SERIOUSLY. GET THAT BRIGHT LIGHTING AND AWESOME PROFILE GAME GOING! I’ll be happy to coach you on this if I can. I’m not saavy in this department, but I’ve done my research.
  3. Simplifying the profile did seem to make a difference. Short/Sweet/Simple works best!
  4. Weekend overnights are not my thing. Maybe one day when Emma is out on her own and I need to keep myself busy so I don’t have a melt down because my baby girl isn’t my babygirl anymore I will pick it back up again. Until then, I’m a sucker for that little one. I’ll pick her over working my tail off.
  5. I was working midnight to 8:00 a.m. when my hubby left for work and using Emma’s naps as a chance to catch up on sleep. It’s not cutting it! I NEED MORE SLEEP! Might have to look into cutting my schedule down.

There ya have it! My best most kick butt month all around! March rocked!

If you’re thinking about working with VIPKID, you can see so much about it on my site to make an educated decision about joining this awesome community of teachers and students. When you’re ready to apply, go here to apply at my referral link so I can help you get hired and teach those classes!

I’m all yours!

With love and prayers for the Lord’s Will be Done,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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