VIPKID Monthly Income Report: June 2019

It’s time again guys!

Another month, another income report, another goal set for the next adventure!

This month was not as lucrative as I would have liked it to be, but I’ve been getting so many notes from others saying on Facebook that they had low bookings because of the students having exams at the end of the month or because of students going on vacation as soon as school was out.

Make sense.

Other said they had full schedules.

This goes back to not comparing your journey with anyone else’s journey.

This is you, your deal and not always will it match anyone else.

Plus, when someone says they have a “full schedule”, they could be talking about 5-9 a.m. is their full schedule or 12:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. is a full schedule or one class a day is a “full” schedule. Anyone can determine what is full for them and we cannot truly compare each other’s schedules without taking that into account.

That said, I was not “fully booked”, but this was the month I decided to open my schedule up for midnight to 8:00 a.m. and had appointments galore requiring me to leave the house early or to take off work for the gigs my hubby had on Fridays so I could stay awake through getting my daughter to bed or when she woke up in the night.

I am still in love with how well the month went regardless of how full my schedule was or wasn’t.

I gained new regulars and a handful of the ones that I lost when I had cut my schedule back came back with priority booking requests and interests all over the place!

I added another certification without even trying (literally-laying in bed trying to go to sleep passed a quiz without studying and managed to become certified). SURPRISE!

I’ve changed up my room setup and I love it. I’m squeezed in tight, but everything is in reach and I am now using crates to hold my pockets making my mess less of a mess. They are color coded and the crates keep the pockets from falling out of the file sorter.

I still use a file sorter for my weekly setup. It’s just easier.

I’m loving life and loving teaching ya’ll! I hope you do too!

You can apply here when you’re ready!

Another bummer, my internet crapped out in the middle of teaching a class one night. I’m so over it!

My neighbor happens to be a higher up at the company and luckily he came by the house to fix what the tech was supposed to have fixed a long time ago. We now get 50 mbps you guys! TALK ABOUT EXCITED!

With that I might be able to add more hours in the evenings or change up my schedule some.

Then again, I don’t know if I want to change things. I finally have a good group of regulars each week and I’m afraid I’ll lose them!

Of course, if they are there for the right reasons, they’ll be there after.

Also, there’s more students than teachers. It’s not impossible to get more new regulars.

I just love my kiddos you guys!


Here’s the mula you’ve been waiting for!

VIPKID Monthly Income Report: June

I’m not sharing my bank account image yet because this usually will hit my account on the 10th of the month and it’s just the first. STAY TUNED!

As you can see, I had one referral this month added to my “other incentives” and I had a deduction.


Thanks to my dagome internet, I lost $10. Supposedly this can be fought to be put back in my account and can be still listed as “Teacher IT” in the account, but I have tried before and not had luck.

This time I have proof of email from the company saying internet was out. Unfortunately it states “maintenance” was occurring at that time. I was not notified.


Moving forward, I have set myself new goals this coming month:

  1. Find another internet source so I do not have to pack and leave my home to teach when outages happen. I’ll need it eventually on the road anyway!
  2. Become a better support system for my referrals. I had so many referrals this month (over 100) and wish I could have helped everyone pass! I reached out to everyone, but did not hear back from each one. I’d love to find a way to connect better and support them better.
  3. Find a better schedule that makes me feel less like a zombie throughout the day and less snippy when something disrupts the weekend or evening sleeps before class. Some nights, like tonight, I couldn’t go to sleep early so I’m up from 12:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. the next morning and might take a nap here and there, but nothing ever truly adds up to the sleep I should get. Need to fix that and yet make the moola!
  4. I LOVE teaching at night. I know this contradicts the sleep thing, but it means I get to watch my tv shows without interruptions from the hubby or baby girl. I can clean and do laundry and never stop, I just knock it out. When all of the housework is done between classes, I can focus on my girl ALL DAY LONG. I can also focus on what my hubby says and needs from me during the day planning wise or event wise. Gotta find a balance though.
  5. This has been such an amazing opportunity and I’m so in love with it, I want to make sure I express this as often as I can. I express my love for GOD and I’m working to get my relationship with Him back in check. This job has become less of a job and more of a fun outlet for me. It’s an added bonus I get paid to do it! Sometimes I’m wore out because of it, but I’m thinking of adding more to my “improving me” list by adding workouts at night. I used to want to make sure I did them in front of my girl so she learned to be healthy by watching her mom take care of herself. I may still do this, but adding to at night too will help me get a serious-real-non interrupted workout in. I also have to get serious about my meal plans. This “job” has brought this out of me. I want to be a better me and I can’t wait to find that version of me soon!

I hope this helped you see how awesome this job can be (for many reasons-but the money is awesome). I hope you reach out to me at with questions and when you’re ready to jump in with me, you can do so at this link!

Thank you for following me on my journey! You can connect and see behind the scenes plus reward ideas for your classroom at my Instagram page here.

Much love,


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