VIPKID Monthly Income Report: February 2019


Back again!

I’m so excited to share this income report with you guys!

It’s not like I made millions this month…I mean…if only right?

It’s more like I increased my income and I made some improvements that I’m super excited about.

Can you tell I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it?


Here it is in all it’s glory!

Here is the proof of payment from my bank account in a rather not so pretty image. I didn’t save these as screenshots when I should have so this is a picture I took of my statement online…please forgive the ugliness!

How do I even begin reflecting this y’all?

First of all, YAY!

You can see my first income report for the month of January 2019 here.

I’m up $156.50.

I’ll take it!

Not a million, but it feels pretty good to see an increase!

Can I get a WOO WOO?

If you’re interested in making extra income from home with a flexible schedule like I do, you can apply with my referral link here.

Now that we have that out of my system, let’s talk goals.

  1. I plan on increasing my bookings. I’ve seen mentions of opening up Friday and Saturday evenings in Facebook groups and how this increased overall bookings by gaining new students through this method. Might have to try that out.
  2. My lighting is so much better! I’ve changed out my profile images and video. I hope this increases bookings and helps me stand out!
  3. My setup now includes a standing desk that can also move down to the sitting position. I hope to remain standing always and I’ve added weights as well as more props to the classroom to use between classes and for a more interesting classroom environment. This should be fun!
  4. I’ve invested time and money into more reward options.
  5. My background has changed to be easier to change out for holidays and seasons. Keep changing it out to show more cultural and holiday related materials to students.

I truly believe changing my lighting and my profile video helped increase bookings. My video is less talky and more images. I also included my whole family this time along with my dog. I’ve heard this draws bookings in like no other. We shall see over time!

Since starting, I’ve improved my methods for finishing feedback between classes, but I’m continuing to use my pockets because they really are helpful for setup and tear down. The pockets have saved me tons of time! You can purchase those here.

I’m so glad to see an increase and look forward to seeing what next month holds!

If you’re interested in making extra income from home with a flexible schedule like I do, you can apply with my referral link here.

I’m so glad to see things going up this month! I hope they go up for you too!

You can always reach me at or checkout Instagram and Facebook for more up to date information, fun imagery and more!

Much love and always support,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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