VIPKID Monthly Income Report: December 2018-January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 income report for VIPKID!

Even though this income report may not show a very high number or many line items or variety of income, I’m still excited to share this with you!


This is my beginning. This is my foundation and therefore where I will continue to go up.

I can look back on this income report and think to myself, “Wow…look how far I’ve come!” and “Now what?”

Curious about what is this VIPKID thing I’m talking about? Go here to learn more.

Looking forward, I like to look back at where I came from and build my goals off of those first steps. Reflecting was something my professors required of me after every assignment in college. I used to be so annoyed by it at that time.

Now…I see how important analyzing your past to become the best you in the future is!

You can learn from mistakes, gain knowledge and become a much more successful anything you want to be if you reflect on your past.

I hope others can do the same and maybe learn ways to prevent mistakes or perhaps gain insight into the world of VIPKID.

If nothing else, I love to look at these and remind myself to be grateful for this extra income I earned from home.

This month was a little low and I explain all of that in the reflection following this report. Scroll down to make sure you don’t miss out!


Here goes!

As you can see, I’ve earned $654 for the month of January. That is because the payment amount for December was below $80 so this was lumped into the January VIPKID payment. Yes, that total hit my bank account exactly! You can see that here: (please excuse the horrible images-I wasn’t as on top of it at the time of payment to get screenshots made and I only know how to do this with my phone with a statement pdf provided online due to the time that has passed). This is an actual image of my bank account below:

The “participation incentives” you see here are showing the classes I started and ended on time. Those classes get me an extra $1 per class for just showing up and finishing my classes on time. How crazy is that?

In January, I had $51 for starting and finishing classes on time PLUS another $51 for teaching 45 or more classes that month!

I was so proud to see this on my payment page knowing I’m a beginner in the middle of the slowest time of year! YEAH!

The adjustments you see are the result of $30 for completing a certification by a certain date and $20 for teaching so many classes at a certain time of day. VIPKID was dealing out incentives that month like crazy and those two were the only ones I could seem to complete in the time frame they gave us. I’ll take it!

I was out of town toward the end of the month of December for New Years and took some time when we came back home to adjust to teaching and working at my other job.

We started keeping my daughter home half a day that month and working with her at work with us during the day in the accounting office we both work at.

My schedule was also opened with gaps between each class to give me time to setup and tear down for each class. I now know I don’t need to do that and can teach back to back classes with my new classroom organization in place. You can see how I made back to back classes work for me here.

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I hope to see that schedule fill in more!

I currently only teach 5:00 a.m.-7:00-a.m. so I can leave in time for my job and do so M-F. I hope to add more hours soon!

Out of that income, I have found that my best efforts were seen by parents. Most students I taught those months came back for repeat classes as “regulars” with me.

Talk about a proud beginner already getting “regulars”!

I also learned that parents prefer getting their money’s worth out of the classes. They want to hear pronunciation corrections promptly and I was doing just that. The compliments left in the feedback from parents were that I had a laid back classroom and timely corrections. In the feedback, parents liked that I had a great classroom environment and appreciated the time I used to get to know their child.

Noted ;).

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Things I take away from these months:

  1. Check my email more often! I almost missed out on the extra incentives ($50 in adjustments) because of an email that was sitting there waiting for me to rake in that extra dough by passing a certification by a certain date.
  2. Keep up the good work! Something is bringing those kiddos back and I think it’s the fun I’m having helping them have fun! I know I’m laid back, but I also bring energy to the classroom while also toning it down with a student who is shy. Working it to work for the student will be my focus.
  3. Improve my lighting. I see now that the five lamps I was using with LED light bulbs and the overhead light with a bright bulb is not cutting it. I still have shadows and I want to improve my appearance on camera as well as on my profile. Plan on improving my profile images and intro video.
  4. Redo my intro video to have less speaking. It has dawned on me parents are not always fluent in English and I’m expecting them to understand me, translate what I am saying and I plan to add my interests to the video. I’ve already had my daughter make an appearance, but I’ve heard pets also draw students and parents. Going to make my pets earn their keep by making appearances. πŸ˜‰
  5. Setup my classroom so that I am not always sitting down and I can reach my 3D props easily on the fly. Right now-it’s all caving in on me with any little move I make.

There ya have it! My top 5 goals for next month and my income!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity and have enjoyed teaching so far.

I cannot wait to see what the next month holds!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and see what it’s like to teach with VIPKID (it’s awesome by the way), you can apply at my referral link here today!

If you would like to know more, please email me at or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to help you get started and answer any questions you may have!

Thank you for taking the time to check this out and I hope it inspires you to try VIPKID out. It’s only a six month contract so if you are not thrilled, you can always leave at the end of your contract and close your slots! There’s nothing to lose and yet so much to gain!

I hope you’ll checkout my other income reports to see how my income increased (and took a dip before increasing again) in the coming months!


Teacher Lauren BEJ

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