VIPKID Monthly Income Report: April

How I made $1459 in one Month from Home with VIPKID

April happens to be the craziest month of the year for us!

We have tax season deadline.

We have bookkeeping deadlines for our bookkeeping clients (through Cannons Bookkeeping) needing us to complete their payroll for payroll deadline at the end of April.

We have payroll deadline for the accounting office we work at.

I say “we” lightly since I’m not mostly home with our baby girl remoting in when I can between VIPKID classes or during the day between her naps and my hubby happens to be taking the bookkeeping and office payroll duties on by himself.

Curious about what is this VIPKID thing I’m talking about? Go here to learn more.

Bless his heart.

We also have my birthday, my mom’s birthday, my mom’s anniversary, and Michael’s mom’s birthday all in the month of April.

That’s so much life to celebrate in one month which happens to be our busiest work month!

Spring and Summer happens to be the busiest seasons for Michael’s band and sound gigs.

Oh, and let’s add in there I’ve taken on this work at home business that has grown to be an almost full time gig.

I mean, #blessed don’t even begin to cover it!

With that comes a little added “AHHHH”. For me anyway. I’m the introvert of the family and I tend to need resets from time to time to function.

This month happens to be a month requiring many resets.

I am not one bit ungrateful.

I truly love and appreciate what the great Lord has blessed our family with.

Couldn’t do it without Him and I know He only gives us what we can handle.

That said, I’m also taking this first birthday business very seriously for my baby girl.

Long story short, she happens to be our rainbow baby. We are obsessed with her already, but that tends to make mamma go over the top on everything Emma related.

Therefore…her birthday must be over the top for the first!

I know I know…she won’t remember it.

What I also know is that, as an adult, I look back on my baby pics and the fun and laughter shared with the family is what I love the most about those pics. The cake and decor wasn’t there, but the love was.

That’s what I want for her.

I also want awesome pics that say, “Mom and dad are so proud to call you their daughter and hope you know we went all out for this special day to celebrate you making it when the professionals tried telling us you wouldn’t and others worried throughout unsure what would happen. This day marks the amazing journey we’ve been on as first year parents and yay! You’re still alive and well at one! (ha!) You’ve kicked butt, tackled some major milestones we weren’t sure would be tackled physically or mentally and exceeded all expectations! GO GIRL!”

Also, her personality happens to out of this world awesome. We have to reflect that too right?

So yeah…

I kinda went overboard.

With her birthday in the first week of May following all these deadlines and birthdays and such, I kinda needed a minute to step back and reflect.

I loved every minute of it and I loved every minute of teaching and celebrating all these awesome birthdays!

I especially loved, in the chaos of it all, I held down my jobs and did a dang good job doing it!

I also maintained composure with the internet almost made me lose my job more than once this contract.

Our internet provider decided to do maintenance without notice on more than one occassion. They called our work number, but not our personal numbers, to notify us. Of course, they only notified us ten minutes out.

Imagine my not so thrilled tone on the phone with them for this!

It wasn’t the poor man on the phone’s fault. He had notified us ten minutes before like he said.


I made sure I let him know this was the second time it had happened and I teach online to students overseas with a two week window of booking and so many cancellations can result in me losing a job I love doing and allows me to be home with my daughter.

He was in the way of my livelihood with his “ten minute” warning and I was LIVID!

Poor fella.

Poor Michael!

We both scrambled to get my things together and find some way to setup a makeshift classroom at 1:00 a.m. on a work night. The only options were a local hotel with shotty internet, McDonalds (their internet never holds up on my cell phone just searching something on google let alone video conferencing) or my current job office.

I prayed about where to go and how to make this work in the short amount of time I happened to have on break from classes (my last class was cut short due to internet issues-yay for ANOTHER Teacher IT on my listings).

The only answer I received was, “Dan’s.” Dan’s means my boss (his name) and that’s what we call the office we work at. “Dan’s.”

Needless to say I tried arguing with God saying I didn’t want my current job to have to support this job because that’s kind of rude and shady of me to do. I figured a hotel conference room would work and surely the employees wouldn’t care for one night. I’d figure something else out later.

He just kept repeating Dan’s and gave me these “unsafe” vibes about the local hotels.

Not sure what that was about. Our hotels aren’t shady like that. At least…I don’t think so?


My boss’ internet is on a different company and is strong.

Of course, his internet was not so hot that night either. I was resetting it every so many minutes, but I managed to finish teaching and on breaks I was able to get some time in on my time sheet I was lacking because there wasn’t enough work to do remotely. Instead, I was able to work in office to get other types of work completed without interruption. While this wasn’t the original plan, God knew what He was doing that night.

Imagine that?!?

It was a win. Even the part where I had to explain to my boss when he came in that morning why I was there wasn’t as bad as I thought.

He’s truly the best boss in the entire world!

Lessons were definitely learned with new goals set and while I still made a “comma worthy” amount, I feel some changes coming on the horizon!

So here it is!

vipkid income report april

Woop Woop-I did it I did it-with some help of course!

I made another comma worthy amount this month!

Since I’m a tad overwhelmed and a tad wore out, I am not having so much of that WOO HOO vibe I used to have about these amounts.

I’m starting to sense something has to give with my daughter waking up at nights and it taking a tole on my hubby getting up with her while I teach.

With that in mind, here are some goals going forward:

  1. Start saying no. These priority booking requests are awesome and make me feel amazing, but they are coming in when I cannot teach which is why I didn’t open that spot to begin with. I make it work because they are my regulars, but I need to learn to say no. If they can’t stick it out with me through that, then we aren’t meant to be because there will be more days like this.
  2. We have always been a busy bunch. Before baby we were a busy pair. I’m going to have to factor that into my schedule from here on out because the only thing that is flexible right now is VIPKID. Kinda bums me out…can ya tell? I love teaching! My daughter and hubby comes first though.
  3. I’m very proud that through all the days off for events and holidays (oh…how could I forget Easter) and planning a special bday, having company in and making sure I’m available for all the above mentally draining me, I managed this schedule like a boss! Let’s not forget the internet fiasco too!
  4. I’m grateful for my hubby’s support of this job. He’s mentioned more than once that I smile when I come out of the classroom in the mornings more than I have any other morning. I tried telling him it’s the wind down of the coffee I just had, but he insists I’m a better me because of working for VIPKID. I never want to do this just for me-the kids are the reason we even get to do this. I will say, there are perks! His support means the world and hearing him say he wishes I would go full time with it means even more to me. Not sure it’s a good time for that though.
  5. Next month might be a good time to take some time. I believe I will cut back my schedule and see how that works for us. It might help so I can be the person to get up at night and we will just have to do without that awesome income coming in left and right from VIPKID. It’s a side hustle after all right?

There ya have it guys! I wish I had more exciting news and oomph to give you, but I’m pooped and I’m more than honest on the regular =). Brace yourself for more to come!

I hope this doesn’t discourage you from applying to VIPKID! I LOVE IT with almost all of my heart (my daughter gets the whole shebang), but because of my life and the way I operate, this may have to take a backseat. Not because I don’t love it and don’t want to work full time, but because I have to do what’s best for our family.

Please note that it’s not VIPKID, it’s me!

If you’re still interested in checking this out, you can apply at my referral link here. I’m happy to help you reach your goals in VIPKID too!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more up to date happenings and feel free to message me there or email me at with any questions you may have!

With love always,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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