Our Top 10 Road Trip Movie List

Before you plan or set out on your own road trip, you should probably check out some of the best road trip movies ever for ideas on what to do and not to do!

It only seems fair you should do your “research” and at least choose on road trip movie to inspire you (or provide humor) before you embark on these epic adventures =).

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For sheer entertainment, we like to watch Pixar movies and quote movies like Finding Nemo on our road trip to Charleston each year.

When we take a trip to Vegas, we like to jam to music that mentions Vegas.

On our road trip in California, we had to blast California Girls by Katy Perry.

It just seemed natural.

On our road trip across the US we decided Amarillo by Morning (George Strait) was certainly appropriate as we drove into Amarillo and crashed for the night.

We get many giggles and good times out of this!

If we were to start a list of rules for road trips, #1 would be quote a road trip movie and sing songs that match the experience you are about to have to set the tone of the road trip.

We love road trip movies in this family!

So much so, we argue over which ones are the best.

Truthfully, we could not choose just one road trip movie, so we have included our top ten list below for your fun.

Be sure to enjoy and don’t forget there may be another epic road trip movie out there that will show some of the places you may see along your trip like the Oceans series with Brad Pitt and George Clooney giving you previews to much of Vegas and casinos there which we did not include in this list.

We hope to create a “location specific” road trip movie list for you soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this road trip movie list and let us know in the comments what we forgot to add here or which movies we need to checkout!

My hubby comments every time we watch those movies, “We’ve been there. Seen that. Was there!” when a casino or spot pops up we once were present in at Vegas.

Play a fun game with the kids and see if they can spot some of the places you have been in the movies you watch.

We’ve included links so you can purchase these movies on at a reasonable price if you’re interested.

Make sure you preview these yourself before watching with the kiddos! They may not be appropriate for little eyes.

One more tip-don’t forget the road trip snacks! Tradition has always been set that road trips require sufficient supplemental nourishment to maintain the good vibes! 😉

  1. Dumb and Dumber – Harry and Lloyd, two dimwitted best friends played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, set out cross country to mistakenly return a briefcase to its owner.  The hilarity ensues as the two meet new people and challenges along the way and their ignorance to realize they’re caught in the middle of a kidnapping and ransom nearly costs them their friendship and their lives.
  2. Road Trip – A group of college buddies set out to stop and embarrassing home video from reaching the main character’s girlfriend via the mail.  Along the way they learn more and more about each other while they face setback after setback that forces them to come up with some creative solutions to reach their goal.
  3. Into the Wild – Drama based on the true story of Christopher McCandless and his journey from a wealthy but troubled family to a lonely man in the wilderness based on letters written to his sister along the way.  His reasons for leaving the security of a normal life and the joy he finds along the way is something many can relate to, but it’s also his demise that makes his choice for isolation a tragedy for someone so young.
  4. Borat – Sacha Baron Cohen takes this hilarious character from Kazakhstan to America with the hope of making Pamela Anderson his wife.  Along the way, the situations he puts himself in will make your sides hurt with laughter and maybe shake your head in disbelief that some of the scenes are capturing actual reactions from unsuspecting cast members.
  5. Little Miss Sunshine – This all star cast highlights a dysfunctional family’s quest to get young Olive to California for the finals of a beauty pageant.  The trials they face along the way and how they deal with them is sure to descend them into further dysfunction, but somehow brings them closer together to help Olive realize her dream.
  6. National Lampoon’s Vacation – The Griswolds, led by father Clark, embark on the quintessential family vacation road trip to visit the best theme park in all the land… “Walley World.”  Due to Clark’s overzealous nature and never give up attitude, the family’s sanity and well being are pushed to the limit in this classic.
  7. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Two men thrown together as travel companions by circumstance are trying desperately to make it home for the holidays.  No matter what it takes they are determined to reach their goal, even if it kills them…or they decide to kill each other in the process.
  8. Zombieland – Woody Harrelson shines as his character “Tallahassee” in this post apocalyptic adventure where he and the friends must fight their way creatively through a world overrun with Zombies.  Their creative zombie fighting skills are put to the test in an effort to find sanctuary in Los Angeles which also leads to a surprise encounter with Bill Murray playing himself.
  9. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle – Two friends set out on a magical (drug induced) quest to satisfy their craving for White Castle burgers.  Through a series of bad decisions, their friendship is put to the test as their choices along the way put them in some hilarious and precarious situations.  Not even Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser, MD) nor a killer cheetah will stop them as they attempt to reach their goal.
  10. We’re the Millers – Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston lead this comedy posing as

“The Millers” a husband and wife traveling with their two fictitious children via RV to Mexico in an attempt to cash in on Jason’s drug dealing character’s misfortune of having to function as a drug smuggler to pay off his debts to some serious bad guys.  Needless to say, the job come with some serious risks, but also some hilarious encounters along the way including meeting another family traveling in an RV that are not all that they seem as well.

If you think of a movie we didn’t list here, it’s probably because we haven’t seen it yet or it didn’t make the “top 10” list of best road trip movies ever based on the hubby and I’s annalyzing.

Let us know what movies you think we should watch before our next road trip by listing them in the comments below!

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Happy Road Trippin’,

The Cannons

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