My VIPKID Journey

I’ve been asked more than once, “How did you get involved with VIPKID? You seem to love it. Do you?”

Lord have mercy on my soul do I love this!

Okay, not as much as my daughter, God or hubby of course, but I do love it more than any job ever. I will clarify that I love my current job enough to keep up with the hours the best I can because my boss is amazing and allows me to work when I can.

All of this combined creates the perfect situation for my family and I to live our best life right now.

That’s why I love helping others join this VIPKID journey.

I do not even care if they use my referral link or code.

I mean, I hope they do, but even if they’ve already started teaching or applied under someone else I’m still happy to help because I would want someone to do that for me PLUS I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I cannot shut up about it! Ask my sister, best friend, husband, mom, dad and grandpa!

A little back story: 

VIPKID was popping up everywhere on my Facebook news feed, in blog groups I had joined on Facebook, Instagram and on Google Ads. It was haunting me!

I had no desire to return to the classroom at this time so I ignored them heavily.

After a while, it was impossible to ignore them so I did my research and did not believe it would be possible to actually make money doing this, that I would be capable of teaching ESL especially online or that I would even get hired. The idea of getting paid as much as they promised (seemed like a big deal to me with what little I was making already as a receptionist) was hard to believe. For about a year I ignored it. I didn’t believe the people selling this.

When my Aunt Paula posted about it on her Facebook page, I knew it had to be legit if she signed up. I messaged her about it (she lives in Illinois) and sure enough it was legit, flexible and yes they pay that much! Your pay rate varied based on experience, but anything was possible and there were opportunities to move up in the company over time. The contract was only 6 months so why not? 

I was hired right away and shockingly had bookings my first week! Not a bunch, but more than I thought I would. I had heard with Chinese New Years being my starting point, I should not expect to see bookings at all. Especially since most new teachers do not see bookings until three months in.


Since then, it has grown gradually each week and I couldn’t be happier. For once, I get compliments on how much I smile and how much this has changed me for the better. 

I get to be me, be home with my baby girl (not paying for daycare or worrying constantly about who was taking care of her or missing out on her milestones), I save on gas money, no-benefits are not given, but I am trading so much for my happiness that I could care less!

If I was working full time with VIPKID, I know I could cover my entire family in insurance, gas money, groceries for our family of three each month, and then some with what I make from VIPKID.

In one month I made $1700 teaching 20-25 hours a week. You can find that out on my monthly income reports and see how I earned that much in one month working from home.

I don’t have to work full time right now due to my daughter’s schedule, my hubby’s schedule and the job I currently hold down part time when I can.

I know I could go there if I wanted to and I dream of the day I can because I enjoy this “job” so much!

My husband tells me I’m usually smiling when I come out of the classroom.

Yeah, that alarm clock kicks my butt (when does it not)!?!?

Yeah, I wish I was working during the day, but then I’d miss out on playing with Emma and seeing my hubby at every meal of the day or going for family walks during the pretty sunsets.

I can schedule an appointment anytime I want to without finding coverage or worrying about the time I’ve taken off and all of this makes it possible for our family to have that much more quality time together.

The flexibility, the complete control over my business and how it’s ran, the ability to travel and work still if I choose to or take the time off, the ability to do as I want in the classroom (within professional reason) and be who I am in the comfort of my pj bottoms y’all!

You can see how much money I make each month on my monthly report posts with an image of my bank account and the VIPKID account showing matching amounts. I post these because I’m sure if I wasn’t sure, someone else out there is questioning it too. Keep in mind, these do not include insurance or taxes held out.

They show my gross income.


I am here for the questions you guys!

Send me all the questions and concerns. I’m sure I’ve already thought of them, heard them and I promise you I’m happy to help you through your journey of joining VIPKID, teaching your first classes and even beyond!

My hope is that all teachers who work with me become successful, happy and truly in love with VIPKID teaching.

I also hope that you know, using my referral code or link is not required to get my help. Using those referral codes or links just pushes my help further up the line to get to you sooner.

Ready to apply today?

You can apply at this referral link here:

If you have already applied, you can add my referral code to your account under your account tab in the VIPKID portal at the top right corner: LAURE0751.

Please email any questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts, emotions to my email. I’m all ears/eyes and hands on for helping you no matter where you are in your journey.

I hope you will find happiness and truly enjoy teaching for VIPKID like I do.

Much love and here always,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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