How to Setup your VIPKID Teacher Portal


I remember passing my interviews and getting ready to setup my VIPKID teacher portal with a huge, “HUH?” floating around in my head.

Thank goodness I had found awesome Facebook groups with sweet teachers who walked me through the process of setting up my teacher portal.

Now, when my referrals come to me with questions about the VIPKID portal, I can answer them like I know what I’m doing!

I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re like me and you’re wondering what comes next? How do I setup this VIPKID teacher portal and what do I need to complete my process?

First of all…


You’ve not only passed your initial interview, but you also passed your Mock 1 interview!

Happy dance!

I celebrate with happy dances in the classroom often. Go you! Go you! Woo woo!

Now what?

Once you’ve passed Mock 1 interview, you will follow these steps for how to go about setting up your VIPKID portal (aka: loading your documents and images):

  1. To upload documents,you have to get to that window where you’re allowed to upload by completing the background check online (you typing your name completes the signature) and your w-9 must be completed online. images, your intro video and create your profile bio.
  2. You will need to upload the following in image form.
    1. ID (i.e. passport, drivers license or id)
    2. Degree
    3. Licensure for your field
    4. 3 images of you (in the classroom, with family especially children and pets, and having fun).
    5. A short video (15 sec long) of you introduction yourself and showing yourself having fun. You’re using this to attract the bees (aka: students) to the honey (aka: you) so you can get more bookings! We can discuss the video more below.
    6. A paragraph about your degree, licensure, where you achieved your accomplishments (i.e. school you attended and where is located), certificates of achievements, etc. Some suggest you cover your family and your interests in this paragraph and some say don’t. Keep in mind…parents are reading this and not all parents can speak English. It is recommended you type your paragraph up, use google translate to translate it to Chinese and then back to English again to see how it translates and if it sounds right to you as well as to the parents who will be reading this. Be short, sweet, simple and clear as to why they should choose you as their child’s teacher out of all of the options VIPKID provides!

When it comes to your images, the brighter the better!

Show you having fun, smiling (only if you are a smiling person on the regular-be true to the usual you so they know what to expect) and give it your best.

This applies to your videos too.

I say the less talking the better because parents may not know English well (others may know it extremely well and be fluent). To prepare for all levels of speakers, limit your speaking.

Besides, remember the old workshops and classes you took where the speaker went on, and on and on.

Wouldn’t it have been more fun to have more visuals and movement than speaking?

Just sayin’…

Maybe start with, “Hello! My name is Teacher ___ (use your show name here so they know who to search for exactly if they want to book with you and make a visual to hold up to the camera or point to on your wall behind you) and this is my family…” or you could say, “Hello! My name is Teacher ___ and I love to travel!” followed with images of your travels and your home or your pets and your children…have fun and be creative!

I would then wrap it up with you being silly and/or saying, “I cannot wait to see you in the classroom!”

Also, give them a taste of what they will see in the classroom so they know what they are getting into and what kind of fun they could possibly have with you.

Think of this like you are a parent booking your child to spend 25-28 min learning from a person overseas. What would you want out of the person you are booking with that you are spending hard earned money on?


Many teachers will actually have a professional photo made of themselves.

I say don’t.

Professional may appear starch to parents and they are looking for someone who will share culture and fun with their child so their child will want to complete these lessons after a long day of school and homework and chores.

Some parents prefer that style too.

Try different things out as you go along!

You can change images and your video as well as your paragraph anytime you want. VIPKID has to approve changes as they are made which usually takes them about 24-48 hours to do for me. Plan ahead when you make changes if you want them seen by a certain day!

Once all of the above is complete and you are ready to start teaching, follow these steps to get those bookings!

Login to your portal and go to the Library tab. Choose the Dino Image at the top left to find workshops. Choose Beginning Teacher Workshops and any others you find useful to your VIPKID path.

Then, you will come back to this checklist of steps to follow while you wait for your first booking.

  1. Open up time slots. The more you open, the more opportunities to teach and the more you teach the more chances you get to teach…the more opportunities for you to gain “regulars” which are students who come back to book a class because they had fun learning with you!
  2. Getting a booking may take time. Many swear by the “midnight frenzy” which happens at midnight in the United States on Sunday night. Parents are given the chance to book on Monday at noon in Beijing so the respective time to the U.S. is midnight on our Sunday night here. When you wake up Monday morning, plan to see more bookings unless it’s a Holiday or Summer break. Those tend to be slower times for bookings. Those are great times to collect more props/rewards, organize your classroom and setup new backgrounds or connecting with other teachers. Sleep and resting with your friends/family is a great thing to soak up too!
  3. Attend workshops. Login into your teacher portal and find the library tab. There you will find a Dino image to the left at the top with a button for workshop schedules. This is where you click to see what workshops are offered and you can sign up for them there. Definitely do the beginning teacher workshops and any workshops tied to whatever level you are certified in! I hate taking workshops for continuing ed when I was in a brick and mortar classroom, but these workshops are not like those at all! Most of them I was laughing through and connecting to others who shared something in common with me! They were so much fun I actually recommended them on the group pages the next day!
  4. Certify in more levels. The more levels you can reach-the more bookings you can get!
  5. Rest up. You’re about to get bookings upon bookings and you’re going to need to be your best! Do some self care and set yourself up for giving your all to each student who comes to you after a full day of school and scarfed down supper or in the middle of lunch. They need some umpire which can be tiresome to give after so many classes back to back. Rest up!

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I appreciate your support!

Love always,

Teacher Lauren BEJ

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2 thoughts on “How to Setup your VIPKID Teacher Portal

  1. How can I see my profile page in the portal? I would like to check if my certifications and tags are included. Also it shows a sign by all mypicsbio and video to upload but they won’t Any suggestions?

    1. Hello!

      Go to your portal and there should be a tab at the top that says “My Info”. “Account Center” will appear in the drop down menu. This is your profile. Your tags are under your “My Info” tab as well now. If you look at your profile images on the app, you will have a row of signs at first. Scroll down to see the images you used. For whatever reason, they will not let us see our actual Avatar Setting pic after it’s set in the app. I look online at it instead. Go to the Account Center and then scroll to the bottom to see your profile pics. As far as uploading not working, how do you make your videos and pics? I use my Iphone and edit my image to be bright. Make sure it’s focused on you/your face. Then I upload using the app. The videos I do with my phone as well and then edit them using imovie. Could be the videos are too long? I upload them using the app too from my phone. Let me know if it still isn’t working and we can try them together! 😉

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