How to Pass the VIPKID Mock Interview like a Boss!

VIPKID How to pass your Mock Interview

I’m so proud of you! If you’re here, you’ve passed that first VIPKID Interview and you’re on your way to pass your VIPKID mock interview like a boss!

You go you!

Let’s get down to business…

When you apply to VIPKID, you are asked to sign up for a time to do your VIPKID interview.

VIPKID then sends you the materials you will need to do your VIPKID interview like the lesson slides and information for learning or studying how to pass this interview.


After passing that first interview, VIPKID will ask you to sign up for a second interview call the VIPKID Mock 1 Interview. This interview is just like the first one.

The only difference between this interview and your first VIPKID interview is that you will setup for two lessons instead of one and be interviewed by a peer teacher instead of someone from the company headquarters.

The two lessons are out of whatever level you choose to certify in.

If you haven’t already, apply at this referral link here today to get started:

I HIGHLY recommend to all referrals that they sign up for Level 2 interactive if they are given that option!

It’s a very popular level and many new students come through that level after they sign up with VIPKID so you’re more likely to get bookings with that level.

Plus-the interactive features of Level 2 interactive make the lessons more interesting to teach!

When you prepare for each lesson you teach in front of someone (aka: do your Demo), you will need props.

The props I used for my Level 2 interactive VIPKID interview were printouts of toys (different types of balls, a doll, a kite, etc.), actual toy balls from dollar tree, a dry erase board for the phonics portion of each lesson and a puppet for when the student repeated the questions instead of answering and a toy doll.

This counted for 3d, 2d, dry erase and the puppet helped with conversations. I also had a toy microphone for singing.

This definitely made me stand out! I recall the interviewer being impressed with my many choices of props. I just thought I was prepared.

Looking back, it might have been a bit much, but it worked and I hope it works well for you too!

Next, I prepped by studying and practicing teaching slides over and over again.

I almost had them memorized I was so nervous!

It’s easier said than done, but honestly, Don’t be nervous!

I felt so ridiculous for being nervous!

In fact, my best VIPKID interview tips I can give you are:

  1. DON’T BE NERVOUS! BE you and relax. You have passed the hardest part. The mock interview can be done multiple times!
  2. BE YOU AND DON’T COPY ANYONE ELSE! You can use other videos on youtube to help you understand what to do. I just wouldn’t copy the teacher’s style or exact methods because then it will become so scripted the peer teacher will catch on and this irritates them as well as makes you seem fake. SHOW OFF YOU AND YOUR STYLE! Just add some smiles and pep as I mention in #5.
  3. Have a variety of props (2d, 3d, dry erase, puppet, maybe a microphone, something to cheer for students with, etc.)
  4. Make sure the student repeats the vocab words at least 2 times! Do this before reading anything (words are usually in red or orange text color).
  5. SMILE! Literally smile until it hurts and then keep smiling. You can stretch after the interview. The interviewers love smilers, peppy teachers and teachers who have fun while they are teaching. Students do too ;). Once you’re hired, you can do as you please. I get compliments from parents for having a “laid back” classroom environment. It’s not that it’s a requirement to be peppy, they just know pep and smiles sell. Do this for the interview and then you can melt into the mold of who you are.
  6. Have a secondary reward system. All levels have a built in reward system, but the interviewers and students like to see another one that you use between slides. If you do interactive level certifications, always use the interactive reward as an example to teach “drag and drop” to the student before starting the slides and build “rapport”.
  7. BREATH! It’s so easy to get stressed and nervous. Just enjoy the process. You’ll wish you had in the long run!

I hope all goes well for you and that the application process isn’t too overwhelming. Once you’re past your first interview, it’s a breeze!

Here is a list of items I purchased for my classroom through Amazon. You do not have to purchase these items, but do know that anything you purchase after clicking the affiliate links below help us earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

We appreciate you!




Ring Light

Canvas World Map. Not exact same one I have, but similar.

Computer Keypad Cover


Visa Vise Markers

Dry Erase Markers (Use darker colors so they show up on camera better)

2 Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Boards (there are many at this link because I ordered this many to make back to back classes easy to setup ahead with magnetic letters and numbers)

Magnetic Letters and Numbers (bright)

Magnetic Playhouse Tin

Magnetic Princess Tin

Magnetic Build a Face Tin  

Magnetic Superhero Tin

Magnetic Nemo Tin

Magnetic Frozen Tin

Magnetic Zoo

Magnetic Neighborhood



Laminating Sheets

Toy Suitcase

3D food props:

3D animal props:

Puppets I use:

Magnetic cookie sheets for rewards:


Facebook Groups:
Kennesans Kreations:

It’s easy to see why this can be too much sometimes. Feel free to reach out to me through email @ or you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too!

I cannot wait to help you get started with your VIPKID interview process today!

Apply at this referral link here today to get started:

Or use my referral code: LAURE0751 on your application so I can help coach you through the process step by step.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to the VIPKID family soon!

Much love and prayers,

Teach Lauren BEJ

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